Tale of Ale Revisited


This welcome release of a 79-minute 'revisited and re-imagined' CD performance of the 1977 classic Free Reed 'Tale of Ale' double-LP brings the songs and stories of 'The English and their Beers' right up into the 21st century! The original 1977 release featured such notables as Peter Bellamy, The Dransfields, Roy Harris, Willie Rushton, Pam Gilder, and the inspiration behind all the original selections, Vic Gammon - and the eight creators of this re-imagined release tread humbly and lightly in their footsteps. a select group of well-known Derbyshire-based folk performers have revisited the classic 'Tale of Ale' and have re-imagined some of the original songs and stories, music is performed by a combination of Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Cupola (Sarah Matthews, Doug Eunson & Oli Matthews) and Peter Bullock, who in honour of the original 1977 performers, all wish to be known collectively as MUSICA INEBRIATA. with readings and stories from Roger Warren & John Titford.

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